Former Apple Retail Lead Fired from JCPenney

Ron Johnson Steve Jobs

Ron Johnson, the man that engineered the strategy still being used today in Apple’s excellent retail stores, has officially been fired from his job as CEO at JCPenney. Johnson, who left Apple in order to take the Executive Office of the flailing department store, made many changes to JCPenney. While the changes (which included a ban on discounts, as well as an emphasis on in-store experience) both make sense, apparently they didn’t please the board of directors.

Ironically, Johnson’s job is currently vacant at Apple. The man hired to replace him was also fired by Apple CEO Tim Cook, and the office has yet to be filled as Tim Cook personally oversees the job for the time being. It would be quite a twist if Ron Johnson returned to Apple, where he did excellent work. His options, however, are certainly open: while Apple continues to grow its retail presence, other companies are also quickly trying to succeed in the retail space. Alongside the traditional players such as Best Buy, corporations like Samsung are also eyeing a store chain with intense interest.

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