Booqpad mini is Functional, but Somewhat Clunky

Photo Mar 31, 12 20 10 PM

Some cases are amazing for my uses, and some are less than good. There are some that lie in the middle, however, and the Booqpad mini from case manufacturer Booq definitely falls into that category. This case is not all too typical, though, because it does offer some very intriguing features. Sadly, in my case, these features do little more than add bulk rather than provide functionality.

One of the things that sets this case apart is its build quality. Its “leatherette” exterior feels very nice to the touch and the thickness of the case seems to provide ample protection from any lighter-level beating you give your tablet. The case closes nicely via a snap on the outside that holds your items snugly. Of the items you can keep in the case are the included notepad, the iPad itself, and a stylus or pen that slips into the case’s center slot.

The Booqpad mini comes packed with a 50 sheet blank notebook that slips into the cases opposite side. This is quite obviously this case’s selling point, but I have no practical use for it. I rarely just “jot notes” in a notebook anymore anyway, so why would I want one built in to my iPad case? After using the case for a week I still have a blank notepad and a pen resting in the middle that has yet to be touched.

Besides the fact that this case just isn’t for me, I find it to be a tad on the heavy side, but high quality and easy to use. Interestingly, you can place your iPad mini in it either way, leaving the case’s flap either closing on the left or right. I personally preferred for the flap to close over the left side.

Overall, this case is definitely a solid contender among iPad mini cases. Its main use may not appeal to me and its overall design may feel a tad bit on the heavy-duty side, but that’s the only real reason I dislike it. If you, however, need to have a notebook on hands at all times, the Booqpad mini from Booq is the way to do it.

Thanks Pedro for the product sample!

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