Pluck is a Very Useful Lockscreen Song Picker

Photo Apr 07, 3 34 48 PM

Playing music while driving or doing other activities needs to be easier. If you don’t already have a playlist cued up, you have to unlock your device, open, and navigate to your song. In some situations such as driving, it’s probably best to shorten this task to the smallest number of steps possible–for safety’s sake. Pluck is available right now and let’s you pick your song in just one step: tapping the icon the tweak adds to your lock screen.

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The tweak is one of many extremely simple enhancements for your iOS device, requiring little to no configuration and only adding one simple button to your lockscreen. Upon downloading the tweak, head to and enable it. You will also find an option there for moving the button to the right side of the screen rather than the left. Once activated, tapping the button located next to the volume slider will present a song picker similar to the native

Luckily for us, Pluck is completely free and available on Cydia right now. Let us know what you think!


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