Papernomad: A Comfy Paper Sleeve for iPad mini

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Most cases are just a little too bulky for my tastes. Even with my iPhone 5, I tend to prefer sleeves that hold your device during commute rather than a case that tightly hugs the device all day long. This especially is true with Apple products due to their Ive-ness–their extremely high level of “fit and finish.” It just doesn’t seem right to cover that with a layer of silicone. That said, my devices need protection when they’re not being used. That’s why I typically go for sleeve cases like the Papernomad.

Of the sleeve cases I’ve ever used, the Papernomad abslutely tops the list in terms of build quality. When I first touched it I was astounded at the fact that this sleeve is indeed paper. The outer layer is literally paper sewn together. Paper alone, however, would obviously be way too weak to withstand the elements. The case has an inner layer of cloth that protects your device and cleans its screen–in my case, the iPad mini.

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The Papernomad is made with the¬†environment¬†in mind, and its paper material is a composite that’s tear-resistant. Its pull strap is made of hemp, with its padding cotten and the inner lining made of sheep-wool. All of these materials come together to make a product that feels sturdy and high quality despite the fact that it is mostly just paper. Its strap is magnetic and makes slipping your device in and out a breeze.

If all of this sounds appealing, you can find the Papernomad not just for the iPad mini but for many other Apple products as well over at their website. The iPad mini sleeve is $40 with free shipping, but other sleeves costs more or less depending on the device they are for.

Thanks Pedro for the product sample!

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