Making iOS More like OS X: An Ingenious iOS 7 Concept

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Countless concepts as to what we’ll be seeing in iOS 7 have been released over the last few months, with many–as you may know–coming from famous tweak developer Sentry. He is by no means the only one imagining these UI changes, though, with iFans forum member Zyiros jumping in to share an idea that makes iOS app icons behave like those docked in Mac OS X. Does this stand up to the daily iOS user’s scrutiny? Read on to find out.

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The concept stems from the idea that, in Mac OS X, you can hold a docked app icon to reveal context menu actions unique to that app. For instance, as you can see above, the OS X mail app provides quick functions such as “Get New Mail,” and “Compose New Message.” These will not only open said app, but will bring these app-unique actions to the forefront, allowing you to get more done.

This idea can be applied to iOS, as Zyiros suggests, by holding down an app’s icon to bring up a very similar menu. He goes on further to demonstrate how this would work with, including standard controls and “Now Playing” information.

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Furthermore, the concept stands very plausible due to the fact that developers could easily integrate these unique actions into their apps, allowing every one of your apps to take advantage of this ingenious idea.

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