Explore Minecraft Worlds on iOS with MapCraft


MapCraft is now available on the iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Minecraft continues to take the internet by storm, even almost four years after it was originally introduced to the public. Likely due to such high demand, Mojang continued to release a “Pocket Edition” of the game for Android and later for iOS. On top of this, countless third-parties have released Minecraft clones and world viewers that further bring the game to iOS and other mobile platforms.

Another one of these extensions was released recently, courtesy of developer Foley Productions. It’s called MapCraft, and lets you view top-down  renders of maps created by various players and highly-trafficked servers such as the Reddit creative server.

There is also an option to import your own maps for viewing, but it requires an in-app purchase called the “Cartography Pack.” Sadly, said purchase costs $4.99 currently. If, however, you’d only be interested in seeing what this app can do and exploring various popular Minecraft servers, you can do so absolutely free.

The app is available now on the App Store and has both iPhone and iPad versions. If this isn’t for you but you like Minecraft: Pocket Edition anyway, be sure to head over to our Minecraft forum section where you’ll find seeds, tips, tricks, and guides.

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