Quick Tip: 10 EarPods Controls You Didn’t Know About


If you have a pair of Apple earbuds with remote control functionality, such as the newer EarPods, they are capable of several lesser-known controls for music playback and system functions. First, double-clicking on the center part of the remote control will skip to the next track in your music library or playlist. Likewise, triple-clicking the center portion of the remote will return you to the previous track you were listening to.

To fast forward the current song playing, double click the center of the in-line remote control with an extended hold on the second click. To rewind a song, triple click instead with an extended hold on the third click. When you have an incoming call, tap the center button once to answer. Tap it again to hang up. To ignore an incoming call, long-hold the center button. When you receive a call within a call, hold down the center button to switch lines.

If you are not within a call, long-holding the center button will pull up the Siri voice assistant. Last, when you are within the Camera app, tapping the volume up button will take a picture. How many of these Apple earphones shortcuts did you know about? Do your Apple earphones have an in-line remote control? If you know of any additional controls that weren’t mentioned, share them in the comments.

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