RTR: Recent Theme Releases

This compilation was created by jmwerkus. It includes awesome themes created by our own members, for use on iOS 3.x.x. (With the exception of Flat iOS4, which is compatible with Apple’s latest OS.) Take a look, they are all extremely impressive.

Some of you may remember “Recent Theme Releases” by Manic Nimrod, but as there has not been an update in a while I thought I would continue it.

Flat iOS4

By decke

This theme is very complete with most of the iPhone UI themed. It is just simple enough that it looks very good without being too complex.
Would you recommend this theme? Definately.
Additional notes: The full theme is available on Rock for $1.50. However, you can try this theme out for free with the lite version on Cydia.

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Spring Colour

By Supertod

This theme has few icons, but they are made for categories*. In this fashion this theme can handle as many apps as you can fit on your iDevice, as long as you put them in Categories. This theme has just the right amount of color, with some transparency on the icons.
Would you recommend this to a friend? Yes.

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Zune HD

By AppmanDaconcerror

This theme is a very nice clone of the Zune HD interface. It does require some setup, but the outcome is very nice. This is a very high quality theme.
Would you recommend this to a friend? Yes.
Additional notes: While this theme is released, it is still in beta, so there may be an occasional bug. You may report these bugs to Appman or Daconcerror.

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*Categories refers to the Cydia app, not iOS4 folders.

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