Quick Tip: Reminders.app for Mac Has a Hidden Feature

RemindersOnce again we will today be looking at a lesser known feature within one of Apple’s lesser-used apps. Of all the stock Mac apps, I would say that Reminders is the one I use least. Today’s tip, however, might make it just a small bit more practical.

There are so many much more elegant solutions for reminders. I prefer Clear for my todo/reminder needs, as it provides a much more streamlined experience and syncs flawlessly between my iPhone and my Mac.

According to a post written by a web developer named “Albin,” you can type when you need to be reminded in plain text and Reminders.app for Mac will convert it for you. See the following screenshots for an example:

2013-04-02 17_49_05-albin’s high adventures — hidden feature in OS X's reminders app

Sadly, I have tested it and could not get the iOS version of the app to do the same. Maybe we’ll see such a feature added in the next version of iOS. Is this something you might find useful?

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