Not Convinced About BlackBerry 10? Get a Preview Using iPhone or Android

BlackBerry Z10 White

BlackBerry has been surprisingly successful since the release of its new BlackBerry 10 platform in late January. The Waterloo-based corporation, which has notoriously struggled in recent years, not long ago reported sales of 1 million BlackBerry Z10 smartphones accompanied by a slim $98 million profit during the fourth quarter. And on its home turf, in Canada, the BlackBerry Z10 has even been outselling the iPhone and Android-powered smartphones since its release.

Despite the traction that BlackBerry is making, many iPhone or Android smartphone users will not be convinced enough to give the new BlackBerry 10 software a chance. After so many negative press articles dubbing BlackBerry 10 as “dead on arrival,” consumer confidence in the once-reigning smartphone leader is presumably at an all-time low. Thankfully, BlackBerry now has a way for users of rival smartphones to get a glimpse of the new BB10 platform. 

A quick look at BlackBerry "Glimpse" on an Android smartphone. (Source: BlackBerry OS)

A quick look at BlackBerry “Glimpse” on an Android smartphone. (Source: BlackBerry OS)

To get a rundown of the main features of the BlackBerry 10 platform, simply navigate your iPhone or Android-powered web browser to You’ll then be immersed in a BlackBerry 10 tutorial, illustrating features such as BlackBerry Hub, BBM Video and Screen Share, the predictive keyboard, and the camera’s Time Shift function. It’s not a complete mobile experience, but still a good taste of what BlackBerry 10 has to offer.

Give it a shot, and let us know what you think.

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