iOS Gets Chrome to Phone

The awesome Chrome to Phone Android app has made its way to iOS with an unofficial port, appropriately called Chrome to iPhone, created by our own Tom Lerendu. The application allows you to send any link currently opened in Google Chrome straight to your iDevice, eliminating the need to email yourself links or type them in manually.

Send any link to any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

  • Setup on multiple installs of Chrome
  • Setup with multiple iOS devices
  • Youtube URL’s open directly in the Youtube app
  • Google Map URL’s open directly in the Maps app

The only caveat: The application needs to be opened (before or after you send the link, it doesn’t matter) for the link to be found, due to limitations in iOS. This is only a minor setback to an overall awesome app, and I recommend all Chrome fans to take a look, it’s a huge timesaver.

Thanks Tommm!

[Chrome to iPhone]

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