G-Form XTREME is Bulky Protection for iPad mini

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I purchased my iPad mini last month and, upon receiving it, realized that I needed a case to protect it. I now have a few and I’ll be taking a look at them individually over the coming week. We’re starting of with the G-Form XTREME, a sturdy multi-layer slip on that will probably protect your iPad from a wide variety of drops.

The first thing you notice about the case when opening its packaging is that it comes with a Smart Cover-like flap that protects your screen. I’m warning you now; this is definitely the worst part of this case. The build quality of the “Smart Cover” is appalling, the hinge it uses to latch to the case comes off to quickly, and it’s very hard to flip open during normal use.


Other than that, though, the case is extremely useful and provides what I assume is protection from many kinds of drops and dings. While the case is multi-layer, it’s not like an OtterBox in that it doesn’t require assembly when putting your device in for the first time. Like many other less-sturdy cases, your iPad mini slips right in.

There is a “thermoplastic polyurethane” inner piece that locks your iPad in place, with a hard outer plastic shell behind that. Protruding out the back of the case are some somewhat obnoxious foam pads that will seemingly protect your iPad further in more severe cases. However, your iPad’s screen is left uncovered if you decide to not use the included awful “Smart Cover” accessory.

The edges of the case seem to have a double-layer of sorts for even more fall protection.

2013-04-01 18_32_00-XTREME for iPad Mini - G-Form LLCWhen it comes to port accessibility, the case fairs well enough. The headphone jack and lightning port are at your fingertips as you’d expect. Sadly, though, the thickness of the case warrants the lock and volume buttons to be press-able via the polyurethane similar to an OtterBox. Also worth noting is that the lock/volume switch is completely inaccessible so that’s definitely a negative as well.

Overall, I would say that the G-From XTREME does its job. It comes packaged with a crappy cover, but the main case body is well built and provides all the protection I need. Even further, the case just feels good in your hand and gives the iPad mini a but of bulk making it easier to hold on to. If you need a protective case, I would say the G-Form XTREME is worth considering. It’s $59.99 on the G-Form website.

Thanks Pedro for the product sample!

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