The Next Two iPhones Were Designed Under Steve Jobs


San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón is looking for a way to slow down thefts in San Francisco. Of these thefts, he says the iPhone is involved in half. This obviously leaves Apple a potential partner in cracking down on this problem and, as Gascón hopes, helping prevent it with future iPhone models. But there’s a problem.

Gascón is calling for “technology that disables cellphones and tablets after they are reported stolen.” Such technology, however, will not be appearing in at least the next two iterations of the iPhone according to Apple government liaison Michael Foulkes.

The reason for this is not that Apple doesn’t want to, but rather that the next two iPhones have already been developed. “They preceded Tim Cook,” the district attorney said he was told of the future iPhones according to a report yesterday from the San Francisco Examiner.

What will this mean for the upcoming models of the iPhone? And does “the next two iPhones” mean the iPhone “5S” (which we assume is just a spec-bump) and the iPhone “6?” Could it possibly mean the next two major generations? What do you think this means for the next couple years of iPhone?

[SF Examiner via AppleInsider]

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