Passcode Lock Your Device Only When Necessary with TapTapPass


There are many cases, days, or situations that may prompt you to put a passcode lock on your device. Likewise, however, if you’re just at home in your room all weekend there’s probably no reason to lock your phone. Going into to enable and disable your password can be cumbersome.

Today’s tweak feature solves this problem nicely. It’s a quick-and-easy Activator action that will turn on and off your device’s passcode lock on demand. Upon activating the tweak’s assigned gesture, your device will lock and the current default passcode will be activated.

After unlocking the device with the passcode enabled, the lock will be deactivated and you can (1) continue to lock and unlock your device without a passcode as usual, or (2) use the gesture again to enable the passcode.

What makes this tweak even better is that it’s completely free and available right now on Cydia. Let us know if you find it useful!

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