Did Evasi0n Revitalize the Jailbreak Community?

Evasi0n Evad3rs logo

Evasi0n’s time is over, as the latest version of iOS patched the necessary exploits. However, evasi0n was fully operational for over a month. According to saurik, the man behind Cydia, over 18 million users jailbroke iOS 6 before Apple pushed out iOS 6.1.3.

With the release of evasi0n also came a deluge of both new and updated tweaks. The theming community also appeared to be making a comeback, with old favorites being updated and new themes being teased by designers. In short, almost all aspects of the jailbreak community seemed to receive a much-needed glass of water after a long drought.

Will this bounce-back last, or is this simply an extension of the inevitable? Does the jailbreak community have a permanent place on iOS, or are enthusiasts and hackers increasingly turning to other platforms, such as Android?

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