Google and LG Ship a Barely Redesigned Nexus 4


The Nexus 4 is undoubtedly one of the most well designed phones on the market, but it appears Google and LG felt it was just barely below par. Originally coming from German site MobiFlip, we have news today that the aforementioned companies have rolled out a slightly modified model of the Nexus 4, adding tiny grip nubs and reducing the size of its camera lens outer ring.

I’ve personally heard from a few people about the device’s slippery glass back, and this appears to be the companies’ answer to that issue. More notably, however, this fix aims to amend the fact that the device’s speaker is practically muted while laying flat. Raising the device just barely off of the surface it’s laying on should dramatically increase sound quality.

The only other modification known in this revision is that the camera lens’ outer ring is now smaller.  The reason for this is not yet understood completely, but MobiFlip believes it to be simply for aesthetics.


Both are the Nexus 4, the right model has a skin on the back.

Overall, do you think these changes are warranted? Would you even go as far as to exchange your current device just to get these tiny revisions? Let us know!

[MobiFlip via Android Police]

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