Apple Adds a “Parents’ Guide to iTunes” Section to the UK App Store


There was not one but two notable occurrences of App Store purchase mayhem in the UK this month alone. Likely due to this, or more likely due to the bad press that has come of it, Apple has introduced a “Parents’ Guide to iTunes” section to the “Featured” page of the UK App Store.

Children can’t seem to keep their hands off the enticing little “Buy Now” buttons that seem to require so little verification to use. The most recent of these cases even led to the father reporting his own child for fraud. Regardless, it seems Apple has made a small move to combat this issue via educating parents on how iTunes parental controls work.

Tapping the featured box brings up a page with with three main sections: “Apple ID and Passwords,” Monthly Gifts and Gift Cards,” and “Parental Controls.” The comments thread for this post includes images in full resolution of these pages to fulfill your curiosity.


If you live in the UK, head over to the “Featured” tab in the App Store app to check it out. As far as we know, you can’t access this page via the desktop or in any country besides the UK. If you find otherwise, feel free to let us know in the comments.

Thanks to forum member SilverShip for the tip!

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