Ryan Petrich Previews New “ARecorder” Tweak


It seems like it’s almost every day that we feature Ryan Petrich’s work in some way. He deserves every bit of press he gets, and has a repo full of wonderful tweaks to show for it. He today tweeted an iOS screenshot that shows an alert apart of his upcoming tweak, ARecorder, and hints to what will be this tweak’s core functionality–iOS audio recording.

Based off this screenshot we can infer that his new tweak will be primarily aimed at recording device audio. This would of course include FaceTime calls, regular phone calls, apps, music, and even YouTube videos. The above pop up we assume appears whenever you initiate the tweak, reminding you that you must have permission from the parties involved to legally record voice or other audio.

I can imagine many uses for this tweak, with recording your phone calls being the most creepy (but probably the most useful in some situations) and likely the most illegal. In the United States at least, federal law requires one party to be notified of the recording. Some states, moreover, require that all parties consent when someone wants to record a telephone conversation.

We don’t know when this tweak will be available, and we don’t currently know when it will hit Cydia. But as always, stay tuned and we’ll be sure to let you know. What would be your practical use for it?

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