LiveWire is an Awesome Lock Animation Replacement

Photo Mar 26, 3 31 47 PM

I just found my new favorite tweak. Like many of the tweaks we feature here, it’s very simple but provides a unique and interesting feature not yet seen before. LiveWire was just released, bringing a sweet new unlock animation. It comes to you by way of HASHBANG productions, the people who brought us other awesome tweaks like TypeStatus and MapsOpener. Hit the break for the demo video, courtesy of the developer himself.

You may be familiar with similar concepts such as Fold to Unlock and UnlockFX, but this is the first time I’ve stumbled on a lock animation that I believe is better than the default. Even more intriguing, the tweak is available on Cydia completely free and requires no set-up. Sadly, though, this LiveWire does not come with any customization options so you’re going to be stuck with its default settings. You can’t tweak the opening speed, for instance– or at least not in this version.

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