T-Mobile to Finally get the iPhone, Announcement Tomorrow


CNET is reporting today that T-Mobile, the world’s seventeenth-largest mobile-phone service provider, will announce the iPhone’s arrival on its network tomorrow.  ”According to a person familiar with the launch plans,” Apple’s flagship handset will play a “prominent”  role in tomorrow’s “Uncarrier” event. T-Mobile is the last major carrier to finally receive the phone, with even many prepaid services such as Wal-Mart’s “Straight Talk” having offered it for a while now.


The iPhone is critical to T-Mobile’s plans to remake itself as the “different” carrier. It will be the marquee product illustrating its new no-contract, no-subsidy rules, where a customer pays a small fee upfront and pays a monthly charge on top of the service plan to cover the phone costs.

T-Mobile hopes to take the mobile phone space by storm by introducing a new “no-contract, no subsidy” policy that they hope will make people rethink the way they pay their phone bills. The phone also intends to showcase T-Mobile’s new 4G LTE network, which is supposedly going to launch tomorrow.

According to CNET’s sources, the phone will not be available immediately, and there is no information yet regarding when it will arrive nor its price tag. Anyone here still on T-Mobile that’s glad to hear this news?



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