Police Officer Reports Son for Fraud After $5600 App Store Spending Spree

crossan app store

For the second time this month, a younger person from the United Kingdom has made news headlines after going on a rampant iTunes spending spree. British teenager Cameron Crossan, pictured above, racked up approximately $5,600 in in-app purchases, playing freemium games like Plants vs. Zombies.

First, it was a five-year-old boy Danny Kitchen that accidentally spent over $2,500 on in-app purchases. Fortunately, in that case, the child’s father was able to obtain a refund from Apple. Crossan’s father, however, was not so fortunate. In this instance, Apple has declined to issue a refund. 

As a result, and in an attempt to embarrass Apple with negative press coverage, Crossan has reported his own son for fraud. Crossan, a police officer, notes that obtaining a criminal investigation number against his thirteen-year-old is the only way that he will have a chance to get his credit card charges refunded.

It will be now be up to Crossan’s colleagues within the police department to determine if a crime was in fact committed. Apple has not yet commented on the matter, although it does claim that parental responsibility is required in these instances. In-app purchases can easily be disabled in the Settings app.

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