Do You Own a 7th Generation iPod nano?


The iPod nano was once the entry-level music device that almost everyone owned. It was really the start of Apple’s true reign over the portable music player industry, and it came at a price point that was attractive and viable for even the poorest of teenagers. Amazingly, Apple introduced the device’s seventh generation in September of last year, moving it back from being watch-like to the more standard stick-like design of its earlier generations.

Sadly, though, I’ve only seen one of these in person. Just one. The majority of people, in my age group at least, own an iPhone as their primary handset. If they don’t, they’ve likely purchased an iPod touch to be their entry into the iOS ecosystem. If you have either of these devices, you really have no use for a similar albeit smaller device that does less. But that doesn’t mean no one has them, I’m sure many younger than me own an iPod nano much like I did at their age.

iFans forum member Fearnz is one who actually owns one of these rare devices and says “I use it daily and I love it.” Do you own one too? Head over to the forums and have your say.

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