Music HUD Displays Currently Playing on Volume Pop-up

Photo Mar 22, 9 56 28 PMToday’s tweak is pretty simple; it replaces the standard volume graphic and title with whatever song is currently playing. If one isn’t playing it of course just displays the default pop-up. This could be useful for having quick access to seeing what’s currently playing, making this information one button away at any time.

The tweak comes with a few options in that let you customize its appearance. As you can see there are two lines for displaying the name, artist, and album of the currently playing song. You can customize what each displays: either the name, the artist, or the album.

You can also toggle the album artwork display. If you want that section to remain the custom “speaker” silhouette, you can. Other toggles include various gestures such as the ability to tap the HUD to mute your music, swipe up to pause it, and swipe down to open

The tweak is called “Music HUD” and is available via BigBoss on Cydia for completely free.


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