Apple Adds In-App Purchase Label to App Store


Tired of downloading a free app only to find out that it’s not actually free? Sick of having to pay for content just to gain access to basic parts of an app? Apple has today introduced a subtle label below some free apps that notifies you of them having in-app purchases. Apple most likely hopes to lessen the frustration that comes with either of the above scenarios, but one must also consider the potential side effects of this change.

This title is required for all free apps that offer any kind of in-app purchase. With the way most people talk about “freemium,” this title will probably carry with it some negative connotation. That’s fair for apps that are, in reality, “freemium,” but what about free apps that just offer a few genuine expansion packs? They will also now be stuck with this same label.

How will this affect the download rates of “freemium” apps? My gut says most people will begin to avoid apps that come with this label, leaving the outcome of this new feature being one of two things: Developers being more reluctant to bring their “freemium” model content to the App Store, or this model becoming less common.

I personally hope for the latter. What are other possible outcomes of this change? What do you hope will happen?

[via AppleInsider]

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