Gang$tar hits the App Store

The long awaited and heavily hyped GTA wannabee Gang$tar: West Coast Hustle hit the App Store a few hours ago.  Publisher Gameloft are offering some serious value for money as they have priced this groundbreaking game at the relatively low level of $6.99, which is great value for gamers but really pressures the overall industry and we expect some pricing shock waves to be felt from this going forward.  More after the break…

The game is the first fully rendered 3D GTA clone made for the iPhone and iPod touch and leapfrogs over the general success of Tag Games’s $2.99 2D Car Jack Streets and Apex Design’s $4.99 2.5D Payback.  Set on the West Coast of Los Angeles and sporting 50 missions you can roam or drive through a full 3D reconstruction of the city wreaking havoc, connecting with relatives and fighting for their gang while avoiding arrest and death, amassing wealth and climbing up the crime ladder.

So the usual GTA style mayhem abounds but what we really want to know is how does this perform on the range of iPhones and iPod touches?  Scattered reports around the internet suggest there’s some lag and temporary game freezes in parts but the evidence isn’t definitive and given the graphic intensity of the game early reports suggest that it runs well and holds ground across the range.

We’ll be putting Gang$tar through a thorough review on all the iDevices very shortly and will have the results of our findings up on forum soon.  We’ll also be looking at Gameloft’s decision to price a game, which  reportedly cost more than a million dollars to develop, at the $6.99 level rather than opening the title at the $9.99 level as has been the case with so many other previous groundbreaking, well promoted and eagerly anticipated titles.

Gangstar is rated 12+, priced at $6.99, distributed by Gameloft and is available on the App Store NOW!

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