Must Watch: Nokia Chief Tosses Interviewer’s iPhone on National TV

The last thing that Nokia chief executive Stephen Elop wanted to see during his interview on a Finnish TV show, promoting the new Lumia 620, was an iPhone. But, after Elop refused to comment on speculation surrounding the purported Lumia 928, the interviewer pulled out his Apple smartphone in a rather humorous revelation. “I have an iPhone,” said the presenter. “I don’t want to have an iPhone. I want to have a Nokia phone.”

“Oh, how embarrassing,” quivered Elop, who was clearly caught off guard. “I can take care of that for you, right here.” In a nervous gesture, Elop actually grabbed the iPhone out of the presenter’s hands and tossed it across the floor. “There, it’s gone.” Surprisingly, the interviewer did not seem overwhelmingly shocked at the situation that had just unfolded before his eyes, instead further pressuring Elop to comment on the Lumia 928.

While it might have been a nerve-wracking moment for Elop, this video has certainly helped bring attention — be it positive or negative — to Nokia and its Windows Phone lineup. Plus, the presenter was being overly aggressive about the Lumia 928 anyways, so he practically deserved for this to happen. “Throwing an iPhone like a boss… wait… he’s already a boss,” one top comment on YouTube reads.


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