Next Apple Event to Bring 99 Cent TV Show Rentals?

Bloomberg is reporting that the next Apple Event will be September 7th, and will unveil the refreshed Apple TV (possibly renamed iTV), and fourth generation iPod Touch. In addition to the new hardware, there are rumors that Apple is planning to offer TV show rentals for 99 cents each, from Fox, CBS, and Disney. This would be a huge plus for all iDevice owners who love to watch TV on the go, and would give the iTV a decent foothold in the set-top-box market.

It’s an interesting approach, considering most of the competition offers monthly subscription fees or ad-supported programing, (or both, hmph…) so we’ll have to see how consumers respond to this pay-per-episode system.

The episodes will be available to Appleā€™s rental service within 24 hours of their air dates and will be commercial-free, one of the people said. Apple plans to hold a San Francisco event Sept. 7, two weeks ahead of the start of the new prime- time TV season, to unveil the service and a refreshed line of entertainment products, two people said.

$.99 cents per episode seems pretty steep, considering you only have a 48 hour window to watch them. Services like Hulu let you watch as much ad-supported programming as you want for only $9.99 a month, and has partnered with more stations to give you a wider variety. For any serious television enthusiast, Apple’s approach could get quite expensive. Which would you choose?

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