Ive Said to be Pushing for “Flat” Design in iOS 7


In October, at the time of Scott Forstall’s leave, Apple’s Jony Ive was appointed to be in charge of all Human Interface. With this came speculation that some of his hardware design genius would translate to iOS, bringing a more simplistic, “flat” design scheme. We’ve speculated on this subject on many occasions, but this is the first we’ve heard of sources for The Wall Street Journal corroborating this information.

Some suggested that in Apple’s next mobile operating system, Ive is pushing a more “flat design” that is starker and simpler, according to developers who have spoken to Apple employees but didn’t have further details. Overall, they expect any changes to be pretty conservative. For the past few years, Apple has unveiled versions of its mobile operating system in the summer.

Forstall was in charge of bringing many skeuomorphic elements to iOS, and many have expressed that this kind of design language is aging. While Ive may bring some very interesting changes to iOS’ appearance, sources for The Wall Street Journal reassure us that any changes made will likely be conservative. It would probably be wise, considering iOS has maintained the same appearance for more than five years and created a brand for itself. Hopefully, however, Ive has the confidence to really bring some innovation to the platform.

[The Wall Street Journal]

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