Are You Satisfied With Apple’s Customer Service?

Apple Customer ServiceJ.D. Power and Associates announced on Thursday that Apple scored the highest customer satisfaction rate among manufacturers of smartphones for the ninth consecutive study, dating back to the release of the original iPhone.

The study reviews performance, physical design, features, and ease of operation, with Apple achieving a score of 855 thanks to particularly strong rankings for both physical design and ease of operation. 

Apple has routinely been ranked as one of the best companies for customer service worldwide, offering both complimentary telephone support and the ability to book an appointment with the Genius Bar at Apple Store locations. Apple heavily promotes this advantage over its competitors, with the following excerpt coming from its new “why you’ll love iPhone” page on its website.

With other smartphones, you’re not sure where to go for help. Call the manufacturer, and they tell you to call your service provider. Call your service provider, and they tell you to contact the OS developer. Getting answers shouldn’t be that hard. And with Apple, it never is.

How satisfied are you with Apple’s award-winning customer service? If you have ever dealt with Apple’s support team in the past, be sure to share your experience, be it positive or negative. Be sure to detail exactly what you inquired about, which method of contacting Apple you chose, and what steps Apple provided you to help resolve your issues.

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