Mark Gurman Profiles the Anonymous Legion of Apple Retail Employees

Apple Anonymous

Avatars used by anonymous Apple retail employees online. (Source: 9to5Mac)

For those individuals lucky enough to secure a position within Apple retail, it can be quite a thrilling experience. But, when one works in a retail environment with as much foot traffic as Apple receives, there are sure to be some frustrating moments when dealing with customers.

There are, however, virtually no opportunities for Apple retail employees to vent that frustration. To be part of Apple’s retail team is to adhere to Apple’s strict, zero-tolerance policy against social media usage, barring that individual from speaking out about Apple on Twitter, Facebook and the likes. 

Discussing the work place (especially with negativity) and discussing internal policies online is strictly forbidden by Apple and a cause for termination. No questions asked.

As a result, a number of Apple retail employees have created anonymous aliases to backlash against Apple, and their day-to-day experience as a retail team member, on social networks. Mark Gurman has profiled this legion, dubbed “Apple Anonymous,” as a secret society of Apple’s retail army.


Contrary to the picture above, Apple retail employees are not always smiling, happy-go-lucky workers. I mean, that’s just common sense. Gurman walks through the frustration that can occur as a Genius Bar member, dealing with customers that know absolutely nothing — or the bare minimum — about Apple products or technology.

Apple Retail Tweets

Apple retail employees vent their frustration, anonymously, on Twitter. (Source: 9to5Mac)

Apple retail employees also took to social networks to voice their disapproval of former Apple retail head John Browett, who was fired alongside iOS head Scott Forstall in late October. Many of these retail team members credit the buzz they created on Twitter, and subsequent media coverage, as one of the reasons for Browett’s dismissal.

The entire article is worth giving a read, as it walks through a more realistic experience of what it is like to work at an Apple Store. The Cupertino-based corporation receives thousands of applications and resumes each day, from individuals eager to join the retail team, but some might ought to reconsider after reading these stories.


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