Could the Next iPhone Have a Sapphire Screen?

As you most likely know, the current generation iPhone and all of its predecessors have used some iteration of Gorilla Glass for screen material. While this reinforced glass is definitely far less prone to scratches compared to plastic screens of the past, Gorilla Glass isn’t as effective at repelling scratches as Sapphire.

Gorilla Glass ranks around seven on the Mohs scale of hardness, compared to diamond at ten. This new sapphire glass is made from naturally occurring corundum, ranking around nine on that same scale. The substance is expensive (around three to 4 times the price of Gorilla Glass) and isn’t yet commercially available, but GT Advanced Technologies believes the price will come down as production increases and that we will be seeing this technology in future generations of smartphones.

Would you be interested in a more scratch-resistant screen on your next iPhone, iPad or iPod touch?


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