Another Lock Screen Passcode Bypass Still Exists in iOS 6.1.3

Apple released the iOS 6.1.3 software update yesterday to patch a lock screen passcode security flaw, yet iFans forum member Barraquito has found yet another one that still exists on the latest iOS version. He uploaded the video above, detailing the steps he took to bypass the passcode lock enabled on his iPhone 4 running iOS 6.1.3.

First, you must use Voice Control to dial a number. Then, you’ll want to promptly eject the SIM tray on the side of the iPhone as soon as the number begins to dial. Then, you’ll have full access to the Phone app, which thereby lets you into Photos and Contacts as well. iFans can confirm that these steps do indeed work on an iPhone running iOS 6.1.3.

Fortunately, the workaround is rather simple. Simply disable the Voice Dialing, and you’re safe. It’ll be interesting to hear what Apple has to say about this matter, especially considering that it comes less than 24 hours after iOS 6.1.3 was released to patch a similar passcode flaw. We’ll update this post if any sort of official statement is made.

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