Opinion: Apple’s Next Event is Soon, I’m Thinking OS X


It’s March 2013. Actually, we’re nearing the end of March 2013. It’s been five months since we’ve heard anything from Apple. What’s brewing? Something.

What that is, we don’t know. But we do know that it’s about time for them to show us something. The company has typically had five or six keynote events every year. To boot, they had one in mid-March of 2012, as well as one in mid-March of 2011. This year will definitely break that cycle, though, because if there were to be an event this month we would have heard about invitations already.

KGI Securities has predicted that most Apple hardware releases for the year will come in the second half–what does that leave us with in terms of possible events for April of this year?


The things that aren’t listed on this chart are software announcements. We must not forget that Apple has traditionally done preview events for iterations of its iOS. These are typically also the time that Apple releases the earliest builds to developers for testing. It is also typically 3-4 months prior to its official release.

Apple always releases a new iteration of iOS alongside a featuring product. The iPhone 5 was the star of the show for the iOS 6 release, as was pretty much every iPhone before that for each respective version of iOS. But Apple has moved to a 3rd quarter release schedule for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad models, apparently.

So that’s why I think we’re going to be seeing a software event, very soon. This time, however, it won’t be iOS. It will be the next major iteration of Mac OS X. Mountain Lion was released at WWDC on June 25th of last year. Right now would be about 3 months out from that date’s anniversary, making right now also the perfect time for Apple to start building a little bit of excitement.

While the public has probably criticized iOS as being the most in need of innovation, I think Mac OS X stands right there next to it. We’ve seen many parts of Apple’s mobile operating system embedded in their desktop platform, but I think it’s time for Apple to step up to the plate in regards to their productivity offerings. Bring on the new iMovie, the new “iLife,” and show us a productive suite that will get us excited about the Mac again. The iPhone, iPad and iPod touch got much attention in September and October of last year. Time to tell us about Mac OS X.

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