Fling Mini: Amazing for its Price

Photo Mar 14, 3 16 07 PM

I have finally gotten my hands on the Fling Mini, a capacitive stylus nub for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Essentially, the little device allows you to play some (but not most) of your iOS games with physical buttons. Almost any game that has a button layout akin to a classic d-pad and buttons will probably work just fine and Ten One Design, the company behind the Fling, has even provided a list of compatible games with the accessory itself.

Of those games listed as officially compatible is Super Mega Worm, and that’s the game I have been using to test the Fling. It’s really been a joy to play overall, and the tactile feedback that the Fling provides while playing the game truly makes you feel like you’re using a console controller. On top of that, it’s unreal how well the little pair of plastic nubs align with most games, and the the suction cups hold them in place without problem.

If you’re going to use this on an iPhone, you may notice that it takes up most of the screen. Amazingly, though, the Fling Mini does a great job of obstructing your view as little as possible and was designed for the suction cups to be attached on the sides. With an iPhone 4 it may be unbearable, but my iPhone 5 seemed to handle it fairly well. These work even better with the iPad, though, and using them on my iPad mini was a breeze.

Even with this all said, this accessory’s killer feature is its price. You might not believe it, but you can grab a pair of these on Ten One Design’s website right now for a cool $3.99. For that price, you would be crazy not to grab them. Even if all you use them for is Super Mega Worm, they’re worth it.

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