Key Kubby: Embed Your House Key in a Case


There are all kinds of iPhone cases out in the wild. Some hold your cash and credit cards, some glow in the dark, and some provide bulky protection. Key Kubby is the first iPhone case that actually embeds your house key (or any key) into your iPhone case.

Trying to launch a new kind of iPhone case on Kickstarter is far from a new concept, but this is one I haven’t seen before. The above picture may look ridiculous and cumbersome, but if all you carry around is your house key and your iPhone, putting them together may actually make your life a little simpler. The video is after the break.

A couple concerns come to mind watching this video. First, most people don’t just carry around one key. I personally have 3 main keys. My house key, my car key, and my mailbox key. This case only embeds one of them, and that leaves me with two other keys to carry around.

Secondly, what effect does the torque of turning the lock have on the case? Is the material thick enough and strong enough to stand up against imperfect rusty and/or sticky locks? Could this potentially damage my iPhone or snap the case in half? I don’t know if that’s a risk I want to take.

If this niche product is for you, though, there are still a few “early bird” backer spots left. You can grab this case for $25 on Kickstarter. But remember, you get nothing if the project doesn’t reach its funding goal.

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