What Do You Want to See in The Next Version of OS X?

overview_wireless_imac20110426The Mac may not be Apple’s favored platform any longer, as the majority of sales have long since moved to iOS. The iPad is the future of computing, or so we’re told. But regardless, there’s still a big place for the Mac in both Apple’s lineup and the hearts of users.

But what’s next for Apple’s desktop operating system? While Mountain Lion was a focus on stability and cleaning up the OS, the next version will likely be more along the lines of Lion or Leopard: more features and more changes. What will those be? Keep in mind that Apple’s OS caters to smaller screens, and is increasingly drawing inspiration from iOS and the iPad. Apple’s mantra appears to be simpler, while keeping the OS powerful for the users that need it.

So, riddle me this: how does OS X continue to evolve in a world increasingly dominated by mobile operating systems?

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