Poor iPod Touch Gets Rip-Van-Winkle’d

If you’ve ever had a hard time remembering the password on your iPod Touch, you know that if you enter it incorrectly enough times, you will be locked out for a few minutes (or hours), until you have to “reconnect to iTunes”. Well, one unfortunate owner somehow managed to lock his iPod for 40 years after he lost it behind a shelf. How? Here is a possible explanation from a Reddit member:

For the technical reason as to why it shows that — the current time is stored in a battery-backed clock. The Touch went unpowered for so long that that battery went out, so the Touch reset to Unix epoch time, January 1st, 1970. However, saved to the flash it has a “disabled until” timestamp corresponding to 2010. Thus, a 40-year wait.

Connecting it to the computer it originally synced with should disable the time-out, but what if you lost your iDevice for a longer period of time, and got a new computer? Well, your data would most likely be lost for the next twenty-one million minutes.

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