Would You Ditch Your Laptop in Favor of an iPad or Android Tablet?

Nexus 10 Desktop

The rise of the “post-PC era,” a phrase coined by the late Steve Jobs, has been highlighted by the rapid adoption of tablets and other content consumption devices. Yet, the desktop computer and notebook still both serve a valuable purpose and deliver multipurpose functionality that is, sometimes, not up to snuff with the experience that a tablet can deliver at this point in time.

Nevertheless, Finnish software entrepreneur Henri Bergius has penned an interesting article about working on an Android tablet — an iPad would suffice, too — as an exclusive replacement over a full-sized laptop. Bergius was once the user of an 11-inch MacBook Air, but his lease expired on the notebook and he was left to choose from different alternatives. 

The developer fumbled between choosing a Chromebook, 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro or even the Chromebook Pixel. Interestingly, he went with none of those options. Instead, Bergius decided to use his Nexus 10 tablet as a traditional laptop. In the full article, Bergius discusses how the Android-powered tablet has a high resolution, 10-inch display that is perfect for rendering web user interfaces in beautiful fashion.

The Nexus tablet has a great, “better than retina” screen, which can render my coding sessions and web user interfaces beautifully. The 10″ screen is somewhat smaller than what I had on my Air, but not terribly so.

Bergius duly notes that, if his experiment using the Nexus 10 as a full-fledged laptop fails, he will simply resort to purchasing one of the laptops in his aforementioned list. But, until the tablet hinders his productively level, he’ll continue to test the modern setup. Would you be willing to ditch your laptop in favor of an iPad or Android tablet exclusively?

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