Reddit User Creates Infographic of “Normal” Jailbreaker


Reddit user spiceman54j collected data from more than 360 people who visited the r/jailbreak subreddit to compile an infographic.

The best way to view this infographic is on, which is optimized to better display the relevant info.

However, here is a summary of the data gathered:

  • Jailbreakers are predominantly male.
  • Most jailbreakers are teenagers.
  • The majority of jailbreakers are in the USA.
  • Most users describe themselves as “Advanced Users.”
  • Most people never plan to release a theme/app to Cydia.
  • Most people would pay roughly $15 for a jailbreak.
  • Most jailbreakers are on the latest two versions of iOS, both of which are jailbreakable.

That’s just a glimpse in to all of the information presented by the infographic. It is very important to remember, however, that much of this data may not be completely accurate, given that most of it was collected from one source (Reddit users). Regardless, it’s an interesting infographic.


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