Multifl0w Updates with Exposé-Like Interface

Multifl0w, the popular application switcher for jailbroken devices, has been completely rewritten and updated to version 2.0. The new version has added support for the iPad and iOS 4, allowing it to fully replace (or work side-by-side with) Apple’s native backgrounding solution. It has a brand new and awesome looking interface which takes elements from OS X’s Exposé window-picker.

How does Multifl0w incorporate with Apple’s multitasking on iOS4?

This was a difficult problem to solve, because there are so many different possible solutions. So what’s the answer? Provide as many different customization options as possible so that it’s easy for everyone to have the backgrounding style they want. Multifl0w used in conjunction with Backgrounder should be able to provide you with the options that suite your preferences. Using Multifl0w without Backgrounder on iOS4 will function like Apple’s switcher, apps stay “open” in memory (although not actually running). Using Multifl0w without Backgrounder on 3.1.x is not advised, because apps will be closed as soon as they are exited. However, Multifl0w does not force Backgrounder to be installed on any OS version for maximum flexibility.

If you stopped using Multifl0w because of the lack of iOS 4 support, I highly recommend picking up the new version in Cydia for $4.99, it is well worth it. (If you have previously purchased it, the update is free.) The new UI shows every opened application at once, so switching between app is a fast as possible.

[Multifl0w via Tuaw]

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