Latest Apple TV Offers Lower Power Consumption, No New Features

Apple TV 3r2

You may not know it, but Apple recently revamped their most popular hobby. The Apple TV, long described as an experiment and proving ground for new additions to the iOS ecosystem, received an internal overhaul. Included in that overhaul is a unique SoC, which, according to AnandTech, is a single-core Apple A5 chip.

The term “single-core” is rarely used in today’s market, with quad-core processors being the norm of high-end devices. However, in a settop box, a single-core processor does offer at least one major advantage: lower power consumption. The processor continues to use Samsung’s 32 nanometer fabrication process. As for potential performance issues, fear not: the previous Apple TV did feature a dual-core Apple A5 chip, but the second core was literally fused off, and thus unusable. This newer, unique chip simply removes the second core entirely.

The overall theme of this update appears to be cost-cutting measures, with the internals being updated and rearranged to save both space and money, as well as to reduce power consumption and heat production. Considering that even the previous Apple TV met Apple’s typically-high profit margins, it may be possible that this Apple TV could see a drop in price sometime soon — however, it is still shipping for $99.


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