Cleverly Named Cyueue Tweak Now Available, Adds “Up Next” to iOS

You may remember late last month when we showed off an “Up Next” concept for iOS. That one was imagined by Joshua Tucker on Dribbble, but today’s news is that a tweak similar in functionality has actually been released–by Saurik.┬áThe tweak is named Cyueue. Yes, Cyueue, following the naming scheme of Saurik’s other tweaks such as Cydialer and Cyntact, but being pronounced completely differently. I haven’t yet had the chance to try it out, but iFans forum member VanillaDeath has and says it’s “certainly something I’ll use every time I listen to my music library.”

You can probably guess what the tweak’s basic functionality is; by now you’ve probably been using “Up Next” in iTunes a lot. This tweak adds the same core functionality, albeit in a slightly less polished and more straightforward manner. If you tap a song when nothing else is playing, it will play said song as normal. If a song is playing however, the tweak will open a menu as you can see above. The three option are pretty self-explanatory. “Play Now” will ignore Cyueue functionality and play the song directly. Moreover, “Play Next” will add the sing next in the queue while “Play Last” will throw it to the end.

The tweak does incorporate an actual playlist. Upon installing the tweak, you will find a playlist entitled “Cyueue” in for managing your Cyueue. The tweak isn’t free, however, and will set you back a hefty $2.49. That’s sarcasm of course, because if anyone deserves that $2.49 for a tweak, it’s Saurik himself. Head on over to Cydia to grab this feature before it’s added to iOS 7!

Thanks, VanillaDeath and ValleyForge!

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