iPhone 5S Will Restore Excitement in Apple

iPhone 6 mockup

A mockup of the iPhone 5S by graphic designer Martin Hajek.

Samsung yesterday officially unveiled its new flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone, although it’s not necessarily the all-powerful, all-improved handset that speculation had suggested. Instead, the Galaxy S4 is an incremental refresh to the Galaxy S III.

As such, there is a window of opportunity for Apple to blow Samsung out of the water with its next-generation iPhone. And with the ousting of former iOS head Scott Forstall, and new responsibilities of industrial designer Jonathan Ive, I expect that to happen. 

Let’s face it. While the iPhone 5 is a gorgeous smartphone, it was far from a groundbreaking upgrade over the iPhone 4S. A thinner and lighter aluminum unibody chassis, improved camera optics, and a few other features. That’s it. Plus, iOS 6 was an incredibly boring update.

My hunch, however, is that the so-called “iPhone 5S,” or whatever Apple calls its next iPhone, will be a game-changer again. Coupled with the release of iOS 7, which should be feature-packed in itself, Apple will becoming exciting again in the consumer electronics space. Only time will tell.

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