Chinese Videos Show Galaxy S4 Eye Tracking, New Lock Screen

Four videos were uploaded to YouTube last night that show off what is supposedly a Galaxy S 4 running the latest (and as-of-yet unannounced) version of Samsung’s Android skin. New features apparently include a new lock screen, floating touch, SmartPause, and — of course — improved performance.

Floating touch is exactly what it sounds like. The technology has been included on various devices over the past year, with Sony in particular having used the technology in its previous-generation flagship product. However, it seems as if Samsung has implemented the technology in a much more cohesive, almost using it as a “right-click” function to revel more information about a given data set. It’s interesting, if not entirely unique. SmartPause — video above — is another feature that may or may not be useful: to pause a playing video, simply look away. The software pauses the video when it detects the head facing another direction. Again, interesting — though only time will tell how useful the feature is. The remaining three videos can be seen after the break.

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