Google Reader Closure Ignites Significant Controversy

Google Reader Bring Back

While the service might have been declining in users, Google upset a lot of users when it announced the impending closure of its Google Reader news aggregator. Considering that the individuals that did make use of Google Reader are probably almost entirely tech journalists, bloggers and those that are simply insanely devoted to the Google brand, it might not have been the greatest crowd for the Mountain View corporation to peeve.

In fact, Google Reader has been a trending topic worldwide on Twitter for the past several hours as a result of the closure announcement. A report on VentureBeat relays that up to 65 percent of Twitter users have reacted negatively to the news of Reader’s upcoming retirement. While it’s evident that Twitter users are clearly upset with the move, a select few individuals have gone one step further by launching protests and even full websites.

In your address bar, take a look at as the perfect example. “Dear Google, you should bring back Google Reader,” the website reads, with an animated GIF of a surprised woman. Or, how about navigating to for a petition that calls for Google to reconsider its decision to axe Reader in a matter of months from now. You get the picture. People are upset. Your move, Google.


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