Apple Patents Multitouch MacBook

A recent patent application from Apple suggests that the IPS displays found on the iPad and iPhone 4 will soon make their way to the iPod Touch and MacBook. What’s more, the patent also shows multitouch input being used on Apple notebooks. I imagine that this is more of a safeguard than a serious suggestion, since touchscreen laptops rarely work well (and Apple isn’t one to give in to gimmicks).

Everything Apple has been doing lately points to them moving toward iOS as the “operating system of the future”, so a touchscreen MacBook running OS X just doesn’t seem very plausible. Perhaps they have plans for something bigger, but don’t want to reveal too much in the patent application.

Of course, having a touchscreen on a laptop as a secondary means of input couldn’t hurt, assuming it doesn’t increase the cost or add bulk. We’ll see if anything comes of this in next few months.

[Patently Apple]

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