How To: Make Emoji Visible In-Browser

2013-03-13 19_24_51-Chrome Web Store - Chromoji

You know those silly little Japanese characters called Emoji? They’re only native on iOS and Android 4.1+. Ever been browsing Twitter on your desktop only to see little boxes instead of the actual Emoji characters? I’m sure you have, we all have. If you have Chrome, though, you will never experience this again as long as you install the new extension Chromoji.

To use this Chrome extension, you will of course have to be using Chrome. I can’t imagine, however, why anyone would ever not use Chrome as their default browser. If you absolutely need to use Firefox, relax, because there is a similar tweak that does the same job. Oh, there’s also one for Safari. Use one of these extensions and you’ll never see that dreaded little box ever again.


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