iFixit Tears Down Pebble Smartwatch

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If you were one of the many people that ordered a Pebble smartwatch, or have since ordered one, following the successful Kickstarter campaign, then you may be interested to know that repairing a Pebble isn’t going to happen. Unsurprisingly, iFixIt found that the Pebble is incredibly difficult to open, and doing so basically destroys the product. The trend of unrepairable electronics is only gaining in popularity, due to designs and assembly techniques that require incredibly high levels of precision.

iFixit also did not find evidence of Bluetooth 4.0 support in the Pebble, which would contradict Pebble’s official tech specs. It appears that this is simply a misunderstanding, with Pebble issuing the following statement regarding iFixit’s findings:

The Bluetooth chips TI sent to Panasonic were labeled CC2560 but have been flashed with the firmware (and BT LE support) of a CC2564. That’s why the module was labeled PAN1316. Many chip vendors make silicon consistent between product lines but simply flash different firmware to enable features. Our chips were labeled CC2560 because TI asked us if we wouldn’t mind using them with CC2564 firmware to speed up our order. Pebble most definitely has Bluetooth LE support, though it has not yet been enabled in our operating system.

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