iPhone Survives After Dropping 200 Feet Onto Concrete

Damaged iPhone

Joby Ingram-Dodd was dangling close to 200 feet in the air, working on wind turbine blades, when the worst nightmare that any Apple fanboy could ask for happened. While doing his wind turbine inspection in Northern Ireland, high up in the air, Ingram-Dodd watched as his iPhone 4S fell out of his pocket and quickly fell to the concrete parking lot below. Smash.

One would imagine that, from such an elevated height, the iPhone would have been absolutely obliterated. But, much to the surprise of Ingram-Dodd, the iPhone remained fully functional. While the screen is completely shattered and the home button is missing, the worker actually received a call on his iPhone later that day and was able to answer it in ordinary fashion.

We have seen a fair share of shattered, broken or destroyed Apple products at iFans over the past several years. Over four years ago, one iFans forum member shared his story of having his first-generation iPod touch ran over. In that instance, his device also amazingly remained fully functional. Then there is the story of MacBook meets windshield, which just might make you cringe.

[Cult of Mac]

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