SubtleLock Tweak Brings a Minimalistic Lockscreen


Have you ever felt like the lock screen functions take up a little more space than it should? Have you ever wished you had a little more room for your beautiful backgrounds? If so, SubtleLock is here to save the day. This tweak thins out the typical iOS lockscreen, albeit at the same time making it look a little less polished.

What’s great, though, is that it retains compatibility with many other themes and tweaks you may have on your lock screen. I didn’t get the chance to test the likes of Intelliscreen X or Lock Info, but my Winterboard-altered slider stayed themed when using this tweak. SubtleLock is available for $1 on the Cydia store.

I had a hard time getting used to the unlock slider being just below where it normally is. After a while, the location of the slider becomes second nature, and having it anywhere but its normal location can prove troubling, or at least for me. It took around 15 locks and unlocks for my finger to reach for the slider at the lower position naturally, but your mileage may vary–some I’m sure will have no problem.

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